Love and Words




 1. The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect.

 2. Inherent nobility and worth

 3. Poise and self-respect

What you create should be treated by you with respect to its dignity. This means that you recognize its potential for a life that exists outside of yourself, and do your best to make sure that it has all that it needs to stand alone.

Do not destroy your work. 

Do not throw it away or treat it as if it is not worth your effort.

Do not treat your effort as if it is so unimportant it can be thrown away.

Do not treat what you have brought to life like it is worthless.

Your work, even if it never reaches a finished state, contains a deep reflection of your being. How you treat it mirrors how you treat and think of yourself. How you treat your work can also reinforce or influence how you treat and think of yourself. Step carefully.

You have an inherent nobility and worth. Part of being an Artist, the personal part of it, is exploring your own sense of nobility and worth in a way that exists outside of you. Therefore, your work inherits your own dignity.

The dignity of your work demands that once you have given it life and shape that you then become responsive to doing the work and putting the effort into making it the best it can be. 

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