Love and Words

The Last Part

You have probably already had the thought that this is way too much work and interrupts the flow of creativity. It feels like trying to keep all this in mind will suck the joy out of creating and make it more of a technical exercise then a living and breathing reflection of you.

That is true. In the beginning it will feel exactly like that, but then that will change and you will feel like you are flying again.

Do you remember what it was like to learn to speak as a child? Your natural language could not be understood easily, if at all and you spent a great deal of time frustrated. The only way your parents could understand that a certain cry meant that you were hungry, was from the experience of offering you several things and it being food that made you cease crying. You had to learn a common language to be understood and it was not easy. But now, it is second nature. 

Imagine back to what it took to learn a new physical skill, like jumping rope or riding a bicycle. Until you had the practice, despite having the knowledge, your body did not perform the motions effortlessly and gracefully. No matter how well you understood the mechanics, or could visualize yourself doing it, it took practice to unite the understanding of the mind with the ability of the body. This is no different. 

The need of the body for fluidity also applies to how the mind works. The left side of your brain (with all its logic and reasoning) needs the right side of the brain (with its emotions and creative imagery) in order to bring to the fore valid judgment and decision-making. Choices made from logic only can fail because they do not include an understanding of history and interpretation. Choices made solely from emotions have no recognition of reality. Combined, you have everything you need to begin weighing your choices and actions to pick the ones that best suit your goals. 

The mind (emotion and reason) drives the body. The body nourishes the mind and translates thought into action. Everything has to become involved in order for all of your potentials to be present and available.

The more aware you are, 

the more in control of your process you will be.

The more you are in control of your process,

the easier it will be to create-at-will.

The easier it is to create-at-will,

the less stressful the act of creating becomes.

The less stressful the act of creating is, 

the more time you will spend discovering what you want to do

and the best way to do it.

Be patient with yourself as you learn to look at your work and develop it along these guidelines. Allow yourself to have an "awkward phase." At first, it will feel like things are not flowing and the work you produce is stilted and dull. This will pass as you gain the skill of discerning what your work needs to become the best that it can be and become practiced at using that skill.



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