Love and Words

Part 4: Proper Construction and Nobility of Language 

Rule #3: Proper Construction of Figures, Thought and Speech

Rule #4: Nobility of Language

"...the choice of the right word and the fine word has a marvelously moving and seductive effect upon an audience...for this gives to the style grandeur, beauty, old-world charm, weight, force, strength and a sort of luster - like the bloom on the surface of the most beautiful bronzes - and endows the facts as if it were with a living voice. Truly, beautiful words are the very light of thought - but their majesty is not for common use..."


I put these two together because unless we have hours to go into the nuances of each it is hard to understand the differences. The body in question, the one we are teaching to speak, is the work you are creating.

These two rules concern the execution and communication of the first (the grand conception). One must make sure that the integrity of the vehicle of your purpose matches the purpose itself. Do not choose words or symbols or images or phrases because they are what first pops into mind; consider them in relation to the grand concept of the whole.

While the majority of my language and samples addresses writing, remember that words are no more than visual symbols. You only have to substitute the emphasis on written language for one on visual or sound language to apply this course to the visual or sound arts.



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