Love and Words

Part 3: The Inspiration of Vehement Emotion

All creative work is inspired by vehement emotion. Vehement emotion exists on the highest end of the scale; like hate being the higher end on the scale of "liking." Whether you think your work includes an expression of emotion or not - it does. The use of any kind of symbol - color, form, sound or even words (for letters are symbols and sounds) invokes the involvement of the right side of the brain. The right side of the brain is the repository for emotional history. Emotional history consists of events tied to emotions, and the event (and therefore the emotion) is remembered through symbol, not logical thought. Anytime you use a symbol it evokes the emotions the right side of your brain has tied to it. Anytime you use a symbol, you tap into the emotions that the right side of the brain of your audience has tied to it.

The initial idea behind any work lies in a response to something; this is how we gain our motivation. Remember, your motivation is tied to your emotions.

You may be five times removed from understanding your emotional motivation and feel that there is little or none, but there is quite a bit involved. Vehement emotions exist at the crest of a wave that is built upon smaller emotions that rise from a sea where all of your emotions float. Emotions do not come and go, but are a constant presence within you. You feel all the emotions at all times only at certain times, you feel some - more. This is due to the left and right side of your brain constantly processing the world and your reactions to it. Even in sleep, even in a dark and silent room, you are emotionally responding to stimulus.

Depending on the order in which these emotions rise is the vehemence you get at the top. As much as we say that there is a linear scale of emotions with a low and high end, all emotions are intertwined and simultaneously triggered. If you begin to understand the emotional inspiration of your work then you can begin to understand what subtler emotions are stacking up to produce it. Whether or not your work expresses the vehemence, you can now work with the subtler emotions so that your work will resonate with a kind of truth and validity for others.



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