Love and Words

The Grand Conception

Rule #1: The Power of the Grand Conception, requires that you have a statement of intent or purpose that drives not only your work, but your life. This statement is the source for your consistency and direction.

Not one thing is done without some form of awareness of the purpose or intent in your life. Each of us is born with a particular role to play in the formation of the future or the reconciliation of the past, and some of us are born to do both. Our individual "gift" is a natural inclination towards the expression of a certain intent. One of the easiest ways to begin to identify what is the grand conception behind your work is to look at your titles or recurrent themes. By doing this you can begin to see a connected motivation.

Once you begin to be aware of the overall intent of your work, you can begin to focus yourself by asking whether or not your efforts are in keeping with this grand conception. There are sub-conceptions as well wherein once you are aware of your grand one, you can choose to direct your work to focus and explore smaller pieces of it. For example, my grand conception is Love - some of my sub-conceptions are the loss of love, belief in not being loved, faith, romance and grief - all of these tie back into my grand conception and are fueled by it.

Now, gift and purpose are not so much for us to decide as to be aware of. The more you become aware of your grand concept as it applies to your individual experience, the more you will become aware of your purpose as it relates to Universe; inclusive of the entire history and experience of the world as we can understand it and, the history and experience of the Universe as it is beyond our understanding.

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