Love and Words

Inspiration (noun)

 - Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

 - Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.

Creative persons live and die by inspiration, so to speak. What has been classically called "the Muse" is the thing or person that an Artist relies on to provide them with the source of their inspiration. Without a Muse, there is no inspired moment. Without an inspired moment, there is no creation. 

Most blocks to creativity come from a perceived lack of inspiration to the creator. 

Part of the mythology of being an Artist of any type (painter, musician, writer and so on) is that the greater the Artist, the more painful and prominent the period of being blocked from creating. If creating new work is a relatively smooth and regular process for you then you must be lacking a divinely inspired genius.

The category of "Hobbyist" or "Craftsmen" is used to separate those who can produce work consistently from those who must suffer through the process of first being inspired.

In modern days, while many crafts are still recognized we have added to the list the scrapbooker and journal writer. These are "hobbies" that are construed as being uninspired because their practitioners tend to be able to sit down on a regular basis and produce.

All of this is myth and nonsense.

All of this will serve to prevent you from being able to create because it stigmatizes what creation is and it takes the concept of inspiration and removes it from ability and makes of it a chance.

Whether you are an oil painter, knitter, sculptor, poet, scrapbooker, novelist, journalist or photographer you are engaged in the process of creating an art. An art, for the purpose of this course, is anything that you create that can exist outside of your interior self; it is in essence, an egg. Yet an unfertilized egg that will never bring forth anything.

Where you begin to become an Artist is when you transcend being someone who merely has a habit of creating eggs that never hatch, and become someone who nurtures this life outside of yourself so that it grows into its' purpose. 

The purpose and glory of an egg after all, is not that the egg exists, but that it will eventually become a chicken. It is the chicken that has the potential to be anything.

An Artist creates not from blind chance or from the force of outside influence, but from a developed ability to nurture something from a concept to the full realization of its potential. 

Inspiration is not a moment that you experience, but an ongoing state of unity of your abilities and intention. Divinely inspired? Perhaps. Sometimes. But more importantly, it is something that you do not have to wait to have happen.

The first step in learning how to create with the Sublime is to recognize that being inspired is a process that is ongoing and that you participate in.

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