Love and Words

We take a small amount of stress and we make it larger.

When you are reacting to new responsibilities and demands and 'getting them done' you are actually destroying your control over your own life. Without evaluating each thing for its needs and then placing it into your schedule where you can best deal with it you lose control over your time and begin to feel overwhelmed. The expectation you then create is that at any moment, anything can happen that will 'take your life away from you.' That is a kind of anticipatory stress that few people can survive.

If you look at your schedule, a majority of it really falls under maintaining a lifestyle and the things we have brought into it. We do not equally focus on what it takes to maintain the life that is needed to be present in the lifestyle. We lose the connection between our interior lives and our exterior life because we are used to seeing the elements of our lives as separate, as if we were sending off a different version of ourselves to live each hour. This creates a kind of disjointed feel to our days that not only makes us exist in a state of constant discomfort mentally, physically and emotionally; but also creates even more stress because our ability to respond is damaged due to our unwillingness to allow all of our knowledge and experience to form our response to a need. We create a conflict of longing between the responsibilities of our lives and the life we dream of by seeing only the contradiction between the two and not the similarities.

We become incapable of responding to anything with the totality of our experience that would allow us to be competent and to handle responsibilities without stress because we disallow ourselves from being present in all the areas of our life.

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