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Stress and the Care of the Self

If you were to carry a pen and paper with you for a week and write down everything that you do, as you do it, at the end you would have a list that conclusively proves that you are overwhelmed and lucky to be left standing at the end of each day. In fact, not only is it a miracle that you can get anything done but that you can even remember the next thing to do. Our lives are full of demands: to keep up, to get done, to maintain and to handle. 

The older we get the more our lifestyle takes over our lives and all this keeping up and doing takes the majority of our time and energy. We never have enough left over for what used to be important to us. We lose our energy. We lose our enjoyment in life. We lose our ability to love and the person we were all under the weight of 'taking care of business.' Changing that, bringing back energy, purpose, passion and joy to your life requires that you begin to understand what causes stress and how what you may be doing in your life to relieve it - may actually be adding more.

Stress comes from the loss of control over the details in your life.

With no control, you are placed into a position of constantly reacting rather than being able to respond, resolve and move forward. If you are constantly reacting, you are living in a highly charged emotional state.

It may not seem like you are moving through your day at the office being a 'highly charge emotional' person, but if you pay attention to how you respond to new responsibilities and new demands throughout the day you will notice a pattern of very emotional reactions. Feelings of resentment, disappointment, being overwhelmed - these are all emotions. Stack them one on top of another throughout the day and you are becoming incapable of responding to what needs to be done because you are reacting.

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