Love and Words

Discovering Purpose

By now you should be getting a better handle on arranging your days so that they are becoming more inclusive of not just you responsibilities, but what it is you desire to do in life. It is a long process to get the art of scheduling down and there will be many changes as you go. Planning your life should be a fluid thing that allows for change.

It's time to begin to look at why you do the things you do. We have seen what each element adds and takes away from your life, but what is your purpose? Everyone has a purpose in life. The better able you are to identify it, the happier you will become. A purpose is not a goal, but a direction of action. Do you comfort people? Teach others? Are you someone who explains things well? What would you consider your purpose in life in relation to your community? How do you fit into a larger world and what role do you seem to naturally play?

Understanding your purpose is a lifelong process. Each time you gain a bit more understanding you can begin to make better choices about how you spend your time and where you place your commitment. How you express your purpose (the specific goals or actions) will change as you grow in your understanding of it.


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