Love and Words

Understanding Influences

As you go through the week, keep working on refining your schedule. Check that you are realistically planning your time, including more of a balance of what must be done to meet your responsibilities and doing steps to help you achieve your goals. Also, keep track of what interrupts you and prevents you from getting things done.

What interrupts you is also part of what influences your life. Learning to understand the influences you have accepted into your life will help you to identify and break (or support) patterns.

Make a list of all these interrupting influences you have found over the past few weeks. Write down what the presence of each influence in your life adds to the quality of your life and, what does it take away. For example, a job may provide you with the ability to support yourself and do what you want but it may take so much energy from you that you do not have any left over to pursue your life. Make the list and then think about whether or not these influences are positive in your life.

Make a list too of how you entertain yourself (or pass time). Do you listen to music? Watch certain shows? Spend time on the Internet? For each of these activities, define the content - like, I watch crime dramas in which no one is safe or, I listen to music in which love never works out. Define the messages that you are constantly sending yourself and think on this.

To get where you want to be, is there anything you should consider changing to bring more support into your life? 

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