Love and Words

Checking In

Take a look at the goals and tasks you have set for the week, ask yourself the following questions about each:

1. Are they stated negatively (do, don't, stop, lose etc) or based in a punishing kind of denial? If they are you are more apt not to so them. Rewrite them so they are phrased positively. Instead of writing "don't eat chocolate" write "eat one small piece of really good chocolate. Avoid the word "do" and find a specific action word instead (like "eat" or "have").

2. Is the goal small enough to be realistically achieved in the time you set for it? If not, either break the goal down into small steps or stretch the goal across several days.

3. Do you know where every goal will bring you? For example, if you mail your bills out this week, have you connected that to greater financial freedom for you? Or is it just a chore? Always keep the bigger picture in mind.

Review your plans. Make adjustments. And keep moving forward. If something comes up that cannot be done during the week, make a short note of why and let it go. Review those notes when you make a new plan and adjust the goal accordingly.

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