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The Art of Planning

Now that you have a list that breaks down what you need, hope and want to do - it is time to begin learning how to make a plan to get it all done.

All you need for the next step is a planner that also lets you set out daily/weekly tasks. This can be as simple as a piece of blank paper or as complicated as scheduling software. 

Plan the next week and write everything that has to be done during a certain period down (work, school etc.). Make sure that when you block out the time you are including the time it takes to get prepared and travel to the event. 

Next, pick two things from your future list that are important to you, select one or two steps from each, and set a time during the week to do them. Again, be realistic about the amount of time required. If you see that the one-step is actually three, break it down and only plan to do the first step.

At the top of the week, write down three simple goals you want to achieve - these are more open ended like: "I want to check my schedule each day, or I want to go to bed at 10 each day."

Give yourself a few days to think about what you have planned and adjust it so it feels doable, not overwhelming. Remember to leave an hour or so open each day that is there incase emergencies happen or something takes more time than you thought. This will help you adjust your schedule on the spot without losing anything or being overwhelmed.

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