Love and Words

Waking the Future

You've spent a week now reading and saying the sentence you wrote that sums up the change you want to achieve. Now it is time to start bringing the change to life.

You are going to be making a list, one that you will both need to easily access over the next 14 weeks and one that you can also easily change. Making the list in a spreadhseet program (like Excel) is most recommended as these programs are designed for lists but using a series of notecards will work just as well.

For each entry on the list (or individual notecard) write down a goal you want to achieve within the next 6 months (including the change goal you created last week).

Now, when you are done - check to make sure you have included any practical goals as well - like, getting your taxes done or paying down your credit card bills or making a dentist appointment.

Spend the next week revisiting this list to add goals as you think of them. This list is called - the Future list. The list you are making is not the "ultimate list of goals for your life" but it is a good beginning. Again, make sure you include the change goal from last week and the practical goals that need to occur too.

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