What's New?

March 13, 2012 - The Kundalini Aria is fixed, sorry about that :) I am slowly picking up writing on the City again and working on some other projects including continuing building this site. Look for new eBooks and workshops later this spring as well as whole new sections this summer. I am also on google+ so feel free to come meet me there !
September 1, 2011 - Well, I am back with the blog and still releasing the new site. Keep checking back for more and more areas that will be opening up and filling out. Hurricane Irene caused a serious interruption to the whole process but power should be back on soon and things will get underway again. I will also be posting the details of my appearance in Mexico City at the Poesia en Voz Alta 11.

August 13, 2011 - If you are reading this then you have found the almost complete version of the updated LoveandWords Universe. Things will be changing and expanding a great deal over the next few weeks as we complete the overhaul and testing of the new sites. Watch for the official announcement of the new release on twitter. Officially, I am still on my August break from the blog and posting, but will be back in September. Note - not only does this bring all of my work and projects under one banner, but you can also access all of the information from any web enabled device  - from the least expensive feature cell phone to the most expensive and advanced tablet. Enjoy!
July 2011: I am moving all of my sites and projects under the LoveandWords banner and making it accessible on every platform - beginning with the simplest cell phone with mobile web access and going up. It will take a while but when it is done - you will find a ton of writing, information, news and resources. Also, I am focusing my Internet presence onto twitter, linkedin and google+, let's connect!


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