Love and Words


what then


And now I dream,

of a sheltering sea.

The waves roll in

and dig through the sand

at my feet.

In the distance,

cradled in the ocean's hands,

is a woman

and her arms,

are held out to me.

Oh my heart.

My heart is so full and light.

And I watch as the tide brings her closer,

Then draws her away again.

In my dream,

I know for certain,

that this,

I must not lose.

Oh my heart.

My heart that is so full and light,

is plagued by uncertainty,

disturbed by the choice,

do I wait here on this shore

for her to be brought to me?

Or do I swim?

And if I wait,

or if I swim - 

What then,

if I wake?

What then?


decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved