Love and Words




What is it

that makes me desire you so much?

Is it the vanity 

of wanting you 

in love 

with me?

Is it 

that I see, 

what the world sees, 

and that you,

have such a hard time 


And is it vanity,

that I want the world to see,

that you,

have chosen me?

Is it love I want?

Yes, of course.

But I also want 

the wide eyes of your awe,

the thrill of your respect.

Is it vanity,

that I should 

think so highly 

of myself -

that I could even imagine,


with me?

That I, 

of all people, 


about getting down on 

one knee.

That I,

of all people,

want to place my hand

on your belly.

What is it

you have done to me?

Stripped me of pretenses

and any false hope;

rid me of humility, 

and left me,

with nothing else

but this endless,

and aching,



decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved