Love and Words


the city, the sea


When I was younger,

I thought, 

that we were only creatures

in a child's dream.

At any moment,

he would wake,

and our world would be gone.


I think,

that we are the child dreaming, 

and all of this - 

the dream.

My name,

is Liiv, 

and I was once the Goddess of Peace.

Now I lie forgotten

in this garden of lost things, 

listening as the world

continues without me.

I can hear their voices,

rising in a chant

that coils itself within me.

They have the voice of a giant. 

Praying to a god. 

Praying to me.

In their distance,

I could embrace them all.

Comfort them.

Protect them from this life

that gives man such words to speak.



that should never be learned, 

by anyone.

But I choose

To lie still instead. 

The force of their voices

stirring the air,

and sending the dust

down to hide me.

The old men of the cities

teach them now,

that they shall build their cities

to contain the sea,

and raise their children 

that they shall never leave.

Why bother with such stillness,

when those words alone

would bury me?


I know now, 

there are such things wrong 

with these words.

My name, 

Is Liiv, 

and I was once the Goddess of Peace. 

Shall I tell you

what it is I have learned?

It was Love who leaned down

and circled you in her arms. 

Love who gave you life, 

not me.


It was Love who made hunger fade

and pain disappear, 

while I stood helpless.

It was she who understood, 

that even the most wormed fruit

taste sweet, 

when shared with another.

And wasn't it Love,

that I had taught you to shun, 

for fear,

you would lose interest 

in me?

What kind of God am I?

In the cities below, 

children still think

that the world is a beautiful place.

And then this, 

they are taught, 

not to believe.

Why is it, 

that we teach such things?

Is it that we fear happiness

because we know not where it leads?

I know now, 

in my silence, 

in my age, 

that there is much wrong

with the things that we believe.


And I feel perhaps, 

that it is time for me to pray. 

But who would be my god?

Who would smile down

as I offer the jewels of my eyes, 

the wine of my heart?

Who would take this and bless me?

Forgive me,

and make it right.

There are no words for this.

No words.


is the language of Love.

My name, 

Is Liiv, 

and I was once the Goddess of Peace. 

I know now, 

what I did not understand before, 

that the greatest gift that Love

has given to me, 

is this chance to mend 

what I have caused to be.

A chance to change,

what I have always been.

I know this now

and yet,

I have no idea

of how to begin.

But I promise,

I promise,

I will change all this.


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c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved