Love and Words


quiet my soul


It is as if 

we don't know what to do


Not when the bad things happen,

that we are all well versed

in the athletics and drama

of what one does 

when the world

crashes down,

but it is as if 

we don't know

what to do anymore

when the good comes around.

In my life, 

I have struggled and grown. 

I have risen through


and poverty, 


and a profound

lack of grace, 

to find myself

an absolute


at handling 

disappointment and challenge.

So much so that I am called on

by friends and strangers alike

to help shoulder their burdens

and teach them how to get through.

But when the good happens,

I have no idea 

of what to do.


And I have noticed that my phone

never rings so often,

as when all around me,

relationships fail

and bosses intrigue,

and yet,

when life is going well,

it is as if -

it's not nearly as 


My friendships suffer

under sunny skies.


and I have noticed this only briefly

then looked away quickly

less I threaten its frail life,

that more and more

of my days 

have been contented and filled with

beauty and less with strife.

And I do have a friend or two,

and we talk about it in code,

admitting to each other

that we are embarrassed

to reveal such gold

for fear our happiness

will be the cause

of someone else's pain.

And doesn't that

all somehow seem,

like a way of living, 

that someone came up with 

in some

dark and tangled dream?


decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved