Love and Words




What story is it?

The one where a man 

who has been wandering for years,

comes at last 

to the edge of the world,

and for all his reasons

for beginning,

he has not one idea,

on how to bring it 

to an end.

What story is it? 

The one where a woman 

spends a lifetime perfecting

the playing of just one note,

only to find herself

unable to recall,

the song, 

that demanded it.

What story is it?

That will be ours to tell.

I am, 


the language that love

gives to me.

My silence, 

though it has allowed me

to hear others more clearly,

presses me now.


where once it brought ease.

My choice,

is to bear it strongly

in favor of all I have found, 

or to risk

losing all that I hold -

in order to speak 

the language 

of the Gods


What story is it,

that will be told

of me?


decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved