Love and Words


quiet my soul


Quiet my soul,

be still 

and do not speak.

For I know I have done wrong

and have not one idea

of how to repair 

the damage I have done.


Be still.

If it is words you have to share,

let them be of simple things.

Let us talk of breathing

and how the sun will rise

without our thinking to do one thing.

Quiet, my soul,

be still

and hold your memories.

Do you not think,

I am so very aware

of the loneliness I stand in

and how I have come to be here?

This sand that blows over my feet

erases my footprints

as if time and the world 

were eager to be rid of me. 

And this water, 

that flows in and draws back out again, 

cools and refreshes

the earth on which I stand

and I am the only thing, 

left untouched and unchanged.


Quiet my soul, 

be still and hold your memories.

All this time

without doubt,

I have thought that I was right.

I thought that all this blood

and lives destroyed

were worth their cost 

for the idea they served.

But I was wrong, 

I know now,

I was so very wrong.

And even though I have stopped

and fled,

to the very edge of the world 

away from all else,

this destruction

continues in my name

as if I blessed it and brought it into being.

My life was suppose to be

lived in the service

of justice and safety.

I don't know how

it all came to this.

I know,

but I do not understand,

how I became 

so distant

from what I really am. 

And as I stand here,

as I stand here - 


if there be a god for me, 

hear me.

I don't know how to pray and plea.

I've never had to ask anyone

for anything, 

but if there be a god for me, 

give me a sign. 

Send me a dream.



That will tell me how to begin

to make all I have destroyed

alive again.

Make me feel, 

Loved - not honored, 

but loved. 

So I may have more in this life 

then just my soul

for company. 

My soul,

who pities me.

And I don't know

how to pray and plea,

the only word I have

is one I have heard

but not 

understood till now, 

and that word

is simply,



decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved