Love and Words


For Marthena

(who I know not)


I run the risk, 

of causing offense

with this list of curiosity, 

and in my defense, 

I need to say it was not

your image that inspired me.


The Lady Goddess, 

the ma'am,

standing alone on the white page

those letters sing

and lend to me with their voices

places I've never been.

Until you graced the page,

I was living in 

a delicate delusion of abstinence.

Now, I find

my lips my tongue my heart and hands

caress each letter of your name

as if they were an entrance.

And there is a part of me, 


that is deeply disappointed

that I know your face.

Don't get me wrong, 

a nice one it is, 

but when I call out 'Marthena',

it is not you

I imagine.


When I cry out 'Marthena',

The woman that I see - 

is one who is equal and hopefully, 

greater than me.

That could be you,

but know you - I do not.

The Marthena of my dreams

will cause me not

a question or a thought

of having said something 'wrong'

that may be someone's 'right'

and having to extricate myself 

from all that riot.

You, I have, 

if only in a name, 

while she remains as remote as a queen.

And does it make sense?

Can you smile and bear, 

that when I say your name

it is not you, 

I imagine here?


my Lady Goddess, 

the ma'am,

your name alone

brings me to places,

I've never been.


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c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved