Love and Words


living again


What would you give,

to have the chance,

to change the things you have done?

Would you dance with the devil

to gain his praise?

Or humble yourself,

in ashes and pain,

to avoid god's gaze?

What would you give,

to have the chance to undo, 

what you have done?

And the opportunity,

failing to appear,

what would you do

to make sure

such things never happened again?

The stories I could tell you

of moments

and chances lost.

Of years spent

holding doors closed

because I feared,

I was the same

as I was before.

And now,

I have lost


Yet in losing it,

I also managed to lose

that part of  myself, 

that was so 

unwilling to forgive

the younger me.

And I find,

instead of looking back

with shivers

and tears,

my thoughts are shorter

when focused on what has been,

for I am far too busy,




decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved