Love and Words


life in pieces


Why do we brush against

the lives we should be living?

Why do we tell our children

we are all the same?

What has happened to genius,

and saints and talent?

What has become of the competent man?

What is it worth?

What have you decided?

Why do you live your life in pieces,

rather than seek to be whole again?

In the city there is a man

who holds up the world with just one hand,

and when he lets go,

when he lets go,

the earth still turns

and he is free again.

Here are the things I know to be true - 

nothing you don't have 

is worth getting,

the only things of value 

are those you have earned.

Heaven and hell lie within you

and the perfect life ,

roots in the soil

of the one you have known.

Love is more precious than anything

and the thing we least understand.

People are not 

a food to fill us,

and our thoughts and secrets 

and interior lives


are what makes a pauper -  

a rich man.

Why do we live our lives

in pieces,

when it is truly

all we hold in our hands?

All it would take

is a little attention,

and what was broken,

would be whole again.


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c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved