Love and Words


Leela Raquel


Leela Raquel,

whose young heart is so very frail, 

let me speak to you of life

so that you may say 

you knew it well.

And there will be no need 

for you to feel, 

that you must stay, 

past the hours,

of your 

one day.

For all of us

gathered in this room,

have loved you more

in minutes,

then most will know

in years.

Your long slim fingers

with their nails shaped just so.

Your toes, 

that your mother 


as they curled in and away.

And your voice - 

that we all heard,  

rising in protest

at the indignity

of having 

dinner interrupted,

for yet another test.


All these things,

Leela Raquel, 

are what we will keep of you.

But most of all,

we will remember,

how even so young,

your hands reached out 

and tried 

to pluck from the air,

the voice 

of your father

as it hung there.

I know you recognized him,

for you have the same

eyes and nose

and hands and hair.

And you should know,

that it was the love of your mother,

that brought him back 

from despair.

And he carried with him

his father -

so wounded in war,

and his grandmother -

surviving it all. 

And they are all here.

Cradling you. 


their fear. 


I can tell you this 

because I know it to be true. 

Life is strange 

and often we are given

more than our share,

but your father,

has become a greater man 

because of you, 

than most would even dare.

And your mother, 

with her temper and flare,

will always be enough

to keep the love there.

But it was the promise of you

that raised them both 

from where they had been

to a height,

I am sure, 

They will never 

know again.

And it will be 

the memory of this moment,

that will keep them strong.

Life treats us all 

with a kind 

of shaded indifference.

What we think we may want and need

may not always

be what we receive.

But what we receive

is always enough 

to get us through.


And no matter what happens, 

Leela Raquel. 

No matter what happens.

The world will keep turning.

The sun will rise and set.

And even the air, 

even the air,

will keep on

being air.

So Leela Raquel,

whose young heart is so very frail, 

you know

all there is to know now, 


you have been, 

loved well. 

And there is no need 

for you to feel,

that you must stay, 

past the hours,

of your 

one day.


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c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved