Love and Words


the greedy heart


It would be silent

if my body did not

thunder and shake

and threaten to reveal my hiding place.

My breathing sounds too loud, 

trumpets to attract the hounds,

betrayal that originates within,

and I press the palms of my hands 

against the damp stone behind me

and will my body into silence.


that protects and shelters.

I listen - 

and there is nothing.

No footfalls seeking me.

No stone kicked absently

revealing an approach.

I am wrapped in silence

that protects and shelters

for at least, it welcomes me

and knows that I am there.

The greedy heart that chases,

does not even really care

that it is me being chased.

It stumbles blindly 

through the streets

seeking relief from its loneliness,

seeking magic

to heal the wounds it made

with its own hands.


It comes in masques and dresses

like royalty

yet remains ugly as a fetus,

all mindless want

and body demand

The greedy heart

wants without giving

gives without knowing

if their gift is burden or not

and does not really care,

such pleasure does it take 

in its own decisions.

Such pleasure does it take

in its own desires and wants

that it cannot understand

you're not sharing its fun.

How offended and dangerous

a greedy heart becomes

when it finally discovers,

no matter what the fantasy, 

that they are still alone.

Then the chase begins

through narrow streets,

before the public eye, 

and in darkened corners

with great put upon cries

Don't try to stop

and face the pursuit

with calmness and decency,

such things do not exist

in their vocabulary

for the greedy heart

thinks it has no right to be denied.

For if you do not want them,

they are sure,

it is only a matter of time

before you see 

the error of your ways,

in this they have faith

and continue to assail 

the walls of your boundaries.

Your only hope,

the only way to escape, 

is to run just fast enough 

to stay ahead,

find enough dark corners 

in which to hide

and pray to the Gods above, 

the greedy heart

will grow bored,

and set its sights

on a new bride.


decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved