Love and Words


everything that I am


She said,

What I want, 

who I want,

is inside me. 

And outside,


there is someone 

who already knows this.

And he said,

She is the mirror of me

and everything I hold to be true,

rests in her body

and looks through her eyes.

She is

He is

Everything that I am inside.

She is the measure of me.

He is my disciple and my god.

She is the world

I want to achieve.

And he is the reason

I believe.

She is

He is

Everything that I am inside

And everything is so much larger.

And everything seems so much clearer.

And even though,

Even though,

I have yet to find you.

I live my life

as if you were here.

I live my life

for the moment

When I see,

the pride of recognition,

of me.

Because I am,

I know you are.

Because I am, 

I know you are.


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c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved