Love and Words




Why is it,

That we live such secret lives?

Dangerous images we have of ourselves

that we hold in our minds.

What if?

Why not?

Live them,

instead of these frail dreams.

Why do we live such

secret lives?

You're so different when we are alone

and in the city,

in the city,

you become unknown.


and unknowing,

a stranger to yourself.

Why is it

that you think

being what you are not

makes you better

than what I am?

My heart

yearns for freedom.

The food of loneliness.

The drink of sorrow.

This endless companionship,

this busyness of minds

distracts me from the truth

and walls me behind details

that are 

paper thin.


At least,

I know

when I move my arms

and speak and think.

My thoughts and life

are not governed by fear.

Maybe long ago,

but I have grown since then.

So why,

why should I mantle

your fears as my rules?

And you,

you just stand there,

frozen in your silence.

Well, not silence

because silence requires thought.

You just stand there in your emptiness.

Taking up space.

A road block in life.

I've said it before,

and I'll say it again,

these bits and pieces you take for trash

are what makes me who I am.

And I am good.

And I am wise.

And I would rather

be alone,

than compromise.


decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved