Love and Words


comes the wide sea


And how am I to chart a course

to a place I do not know?

When these waters

beneath my hull

are full of rocks

and things unknown. 

My eyes strain to see 

the currents and whorls

of danger.

My ears are tuned

to the complaints of the wind.

How am I to chart a course

when it is all I can do

to see the dangers before me,

and my hours are spent

making sure I do not drown?

I come from calmer seas.


Drifting with float anchor,

trailing my hand in the warm wake,

the fish kissing my fingers

as we agree,

it is enough for us,

to share the sea.

I have no experience

in waters such as these.

I would not have even entered them

except for the vision of you,

my siren, my fate,

I see you and become unmoored - 

my memories of calmer seas

suddenly revealed to be

a madness that has

masqueraded as safety.

The dangers I thought all around, 

now seem small, 

and the stories of warning


meant for everyone

but me.

In my calm seas, 

I took my madness

to be the sum of reality.

I have no experience 

in waters such as these.

How am I to navigate 

when the charts I own

are not drawn complete?

How am I do this?


Who for so long 

thought the absence of wind

marked a passage chosen correctly.

And you, 

my siren, my fate

I see you 

and wonder - 

will you lead me to 

the open sea,

or dash my soul

on the rocks beneath?

It does not matter.

I don't care.

For once, 

in this moment, 

as the winds gather

and storms threaten,

I am not hunkered below

battened hatches

waiting for it all to pass, 

I am fighting sail seas of canvas

to harness the growing wind.

I watch not the surface

for danger, 

but the horizon

of the wide, open sea. 


decagon          poetry 



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved