Love and Words


behaving like kings


In the making of ourselves,

so many things,

seem so much easier,

when we are telling other people 

how to do them.

We speak and teach as if we were born

with this rightness of knowing

forgetting how we foundered 

and slapped against the shore,

like strangled and confused fish pulled from the sea.

A lack of silence

is the only thing

that prevents us from behaving

as if we were kings.

For if you have spent anytime around

kings and thrones,

you would know that the cushion surrounding them

is not from gold and precious stone,

but from the silence that they hold.

All wait on a single word.

One well thought comment,

one true syllable,

is worth more than a tome.

In the making of ourselves,

would it not be easier,

to learn to behave like kings?

Holding our silence

until all of our words 


such precious things.


decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved