Love and Words




Raise your head

and look forward, Angel,

let the ash

fall from your eyes.

Stand in balance

with not a word said,

and let the constellation

of your life rise.

Too long this penitent form,

too long this grief and shame,

raise your head, Angel,

and look forward again.

The ground you need not see

for I never rescinded your wings,

and look

how the Sibyls appear

to make of your scars

such jeweled things.

I myself have come to you,

see what it is I bear,

your heart undamaged

and still so very clear.

In my years of waiting,

I have wrought for it,

links of chain

made from your learning,

so no storm will separate you again.

Let me lay your heart

upon you

and fasten the clasp.


Let the faithful come and serve you

their hands

made ready with

silk for your skin,

and oil for your hair,

drink, my Angel,  

of the wine they offer

and find the memories

that we once shared.

The cruelty

of choice,

is that it always leaves us denied,

freedom lies in our awareness

that all love survives.

and even though

there is not one thing 

that can be reclaimed,

within every moment

there lies the chance

to begin.

Raise your head, Angel,

and stretch out your wings.

For, the world has been longing

to be loved



decagon          poetry



c.2011 Cassandra TribeAll Rights Reserved